The Kaliningrad Region days were held in Lithuania, in October 4-6, 2009. Within this context an, official visit was paid by the Governor of the Kaliningrad region G.V. Boos, members of the Kaliningrad Region Government, by the deputies of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation (FA RF) and the senators of the Council of Federal (FA RF), and also representatives of the various Kaliningrad businesses. An official event program included a musical concert by the Kaliningrad region brass-band, and the Humour Tournament (KVN) for the Kaliningrad region Governor’s cup.




Office of Agricultural Affairs (OAA Moscow). USDA (United Sates Department of Agriculture) has both, an agricultural affairs office and agricultural trade office, at the American Embassy in Moscow.

FAS (Foreign Agricultural Services) coordinates and directs USDA's responsibilities in international trade negotiations, working closely with the U.S. Trade Representative's office. Trade policy experts at FAS help identify—and work to reduce—foreign trade barriers and other practices and policies that hinder U.S. agricultural exports. FAS is the enquiry point for World Trade Organization (WTO) sanitary and phytosanitary issues and technical barriers to trade. As such, the agency serves as the official conduit for notifications and comments about these measures. On these pages you can learn about how to follow Russian law and regulations on exporting U.S. products to Russia.




According to Kremlin Press Service, on February 1 Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has approved the food security doctrine.

In this document, there are particularly noted macroeconomic, technological, and agro-ecological risks affecting food security in Russia. The doctrine has defined a share of national agricultural, fish production and food in total amount of commodity resources of the domestic market. Thresholds for grain – not less than 95 %, sugar – not less than 80 %, vegetable oil - at least 80 %, meat and seafood – not less than 85 %, milk and dairy products – not less 90 % and fish products – not less than 80 % , potato – not less than 95 %, salt – not less than 85 %. According to the doctrine entering the WTO (World Trade Organization), under the adequate conditions corresponding to Russia’s interest, will also promote strengthening of food security.

At the end of 2009, D. Medvedev drew attention to the lag of Russia’s food industry. He declared that in order to change the situation, systematic measures should be taken rather than fragmentary measures. Food resources should be based mainly on the production of the national manufacture.


DIALOGUE, December 9, 2009

The president of the Kazakhstan Farmers’ Union (KFU) Auezhan Darin and the secretary of the International Union of Young Farmers Sergejus Ivanovas, during the negotiation process on the results of the World Summit on Food Security of the Food and Agriculture Organizations (FAO) in 2009, agreed upon the need for establishing the Young Farmers Club (YFC) within the KFU. YFC within the KFU shall unite the rural youth of Kazakhstan and shall represent its interests on the international level, participating in the e-Summit of young farmers of the OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe) area in 2010. As a youth affairs unit of Kazakhstan Farmers’ Union, the Young Farmers Club will be engaged in the professional orientation of the Kazakh rural youth.


DIALOGUE, December 5, 2009

Leaders of the Russian Union of Rural Youth and the International Union of Young Farmers have exchanged views and information on the matter of FOOD SECURITY DOCTRINE IN THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION and its development by the Government of the Russian Federation (RF). During the discussion it was noted that the inclusion of youth problems into governmental plans and projects is possible only with active participation of the youth organizations in project and document development in the drafting stage. Russian Union of Rural Youth can be viewed as an example of the active participant for many youth organizations in the RF.


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